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SeaDoo GTX Jet ski Windscreen
Posted by      14.09.2021     DIY    Comments 0
SeaDoo GTX Jet ski Windscreen

When using your SeaDoo for fishing or touring you, dream about dry and warm ride, especially at cold weather. So you need windscreen to protect rider from splash and wind. There is no industrial solution offered, therefore it becomes DIY quickly. As you never know how it works out, one of requirements was to avoid drilling holes to the jet. All parts are fastened with extra strong double sided tape. Design made for SeaDoo GTX 2019 and newer.

Design follows the angles of Jet Ski - little angled and not much rounded. As such it fits under the original cover, when folded. Screen is made of 5 x 500 x 500 mm plastic acrylic glass sheet.

Hinges are 3D printed and fixed with double sided tape in front/above the speedometer screen.  

Position is fixed by ropes in front and elastic band behind the screen. Elastic band other end is hooked to 3D printed holder in front of handlebar. Windscreen has to be set in quite upright position. This results better wind protection and more importantly results force as pressure to the hinge. If you tilt your screen, hinge will be bent and strong forces at riding full speed will finally loose your double sided tape or break the hinges.  

There are few other products needed for finalizing the project. Windscreen is fixed to hinges with M5x12 Bolts, of course you need nuts ande hinge axis is 6x30 Clevis Pin. For your own DYI you can download stl files for 3D printing at

As new model of GTX storage opens together with handlebar, speedo screen and windscreen hinges also, you need some extra protection for your screen and jet ski. When storage is opened the folded down screen moves forward. So there is printed small filling for the body and all touchpoints are padded with Velcro tape. Under front corners of folded windscreen there are two supports to avoid wobble of windscreen if on trailer.

Tested for 2 seasons. Works great. Useful for fishing or touring. Not needed for short fun rides at warm weather.

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