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SeaDoo GTX Jet ski Windscreen

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When using your SeaDoo for fishing or touring you, dream about dry and warm ride, especially at cold weather. So you need windscreen to protect rider from...

Prices without VAT

On: Hit: 252
Prices on the Dutyhook site are exclusive of VAT starting of  1 July 2021.

Dutyhook store new version

On: Hit: 604
Dutyhook store has new software since 01.03.2021. The biggest change in terms of appearance is the pictorial index on the home page. Clicking on the image of...

Screw into inflatable boat

On: Hit: 227
Turning a wood screw into an inflatable boat seems like a very silly idea at first glance. A closer look reveals that this is still possible. In addition to...

Spare outboard motor on ladder mounting

On: Hit: 210
Attaching a spare engine to a motorboat is a good headache. There is no place for that, and when you make it, the attachment points will most of the time...

Underwater drone

On: Hit: 230
I was planning to go to Molus Island to see seals. I spent a lot of time searching internet for reasonably priced underwater drones. Radio waves do not...

Survival Belt

On: Hit: 210
Survival kits are always interesting. Except Survival Bracelet, I have never understood. Shackle is small and rope is short. Instead you should make Survival...

DIY Rooftop Tent for your car

On: Hit: 325
Made it as simple as possible. Did take some more thinking and planning, as it is so easy to make complicated solutions. Needed are: tent , Thule WingBar or...

Heavy U-Lock Bracket

On: Hit: 182
Purchased new U-lock for newly rebuilt electric bicycle.  OnGuard 8000 Brute LS weights 1.9kg. As they explained in shop, for so heavy lock they have no...

Small boat anchor line

On: Hit: 248
Anchor tied at front U-bolt is not the most convenient solution for adjusting line length according to conditions. White Plastic Cleat matches boat finish....

Small boat ladder

On: Hit: 239
Not all people like to come out of water just over side of boat after swimming. Some are too old or young for this also. So the ladder is a must, but how to...

Battery charging through the wall

On: Hit: 193
Capable alarm system draws motorcycle battery out of juice quit quickly. So I was looking for solution to charge battery with charger inside and the house...

K.I.S.S. vibration absorber for sound recorder

On: Hit: 228
Zoom H1 sound recorder is the must for making videos with the DSLR. The only disadvatnage, it records also all handling noise. All shock mounts you can find...

Same name but different product

On: Hit: 200
I have bought some Velcro tape from e-bay, before ordering for shop. Both sold as double sided Velcro tape. Amazing, how big difference there is!

Dimensional fit

On: Hit: 231
Looking for motorcycle mobile phone holder Nokia CR123 received good points. It is elegant and bulletproof, as Nokia mechanics has always been. Unfortunately...

Motorcycle extra luggage

On: Hit: 295
Renovating paint rubbed away under side bags after my motorcycle trip I decided to make my own design for light side bags. As hammock and tent have their own...

Rod holder

On: Hit: 231
I wanted to use Spring Clips at first for holding trolling rod in Amphibear. But car roof lining is too soft for clips. I did not like the idea of Cable Tie...

K.I.S.S. cabletie

On: Hit: 289
Fastening your self made construction with cable ties seems undeserved luxury. Every item could and should be fastened with special design shiny fastening...

Galvanic corrosion

On: Hit: 324
This year I had a trip with Amphibear in Baltic Sea also. As result in some places there is visible galvanic corrosion. Amphibear has frame from AISI316...

Residue of rebuilding

On: Hit: 258
Changing beam lights, moving VHF antenna location and a lot of other modifications result sometimes empty holes in your cabin. Amphibear had three visible...

Carbine hook gain and pain

On: Hit: 312
Carbine hooks are excellent quick fasteners, but choosing the right one is tricky. Sometimes the opening is too small, sometimes pin moves too close to...
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