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Dutyhook store new version
Posted by      23.02.2021     News    Comments 0
Dutyhook store new version

Dutyhook store has new software since 01.03.2021. The biggest change in terms of appearance is the pictorial index on the home page. Clicking on the image of the product of interest will take you to the corresponding product catalog. There, you can expand or narrow the selection as needed by removing the filters from the left column. In some cases, the image also leads directly to a specific product. To see a larger selection, the location of the product in the product tree is shown immediately below the header, and by clicking on the category name, the store opens the corresponding wider category. Products can also be added to the shopping cart directly from the category view, as in the previous version of the store.

Old orders have not been moved to the new software. You can get information about them by writing to Customer accounts have been moved to a new store. You may have forgotten your account login password, or your password may no longer work in the new store. Therefore, it is wise to log in to the customer's account before choosing products. Then the shopping cart is retained even if you cancel the purchase. If the login fails, it is worth clicking the Forgot your password link under the login form. Then you need to enter the e-mail address to which the store will send the link needed to set a new password. The whole process goes quite quickly and so you can be sure that the purchase process will go smoothly.

The form of the invoice has also changed. It is now possible to add your own text to the invoice (when placing an order in the comments box). This allows business customers to use the reference of the purchase order so that it can be seen on the invoice later. Now a pdf invoice is included with the purchase confirmation email. The shipment email is shorter and there are no more repetitions of purchased product names.

Of course, things have changed. For example, each customer can see all the information stored about them in their account, download invoices, credit notes, and more.

If you notice errors, or something does not work as it should, please let us know by emailing

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